photo by Devin Smith

“A polished spitfire.”— THE NEW YORK TIMES

“[Luna] a walking ball of comic defiance, which is exactly what stand-up is supposed to be.”— LA WEEKLY

“She [Selene Luna] has been a part of my life in many different capacities, but she is awesome, she is hilarious, she’s beautiful and as an entertainer, she’s so incredibly diverse, you know, culturally.  She’s a little person, she’s so unique, she’s so amazingly adept at bringing her perspective to the stage.”—  MARGARET CHO’S TOP FIVE UP-AND-COMING FEMALE COMICS


“…the blistering self-assurance of Gypsy Rose Lee.”— TALKIN’ BROADWAY

“Selene Luna — who delivered almost 30 minutes of impressive, fresh takes on being a little person, being an atheist who’s afraid of ghosts and being in a committed relationship with a “normal-sized” guy.”— CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“A delightful emotional rollercoaster… makes you leave the theater satisfied that you are perfect just the way you are! … This show has EVERYTHING I look for in an evening of entertainment.”— FRONTIERS MAGAZINE

“She’s a huge presence and owns the stage during her 5-minute romp.” — WASHINGTON SQUARE NEWS

“The most memorable for us was Selena Luna: Her retro-arty performances helped close people’s gaping mouths (most of them anyway), making her slutty French baby and lonely turn-of-the-century farm worker acts smart and endearing.”— NY METROMIX

“Luna radiates old Hollywood glamour, and it’s not just the kitten heels or the torpedo bra. She’s got a quirky humor reminiscent of the red-haired comedian, made naughty by a touch of Bettie Page sensuality and the girlish charm of Betty Boop. It’s that kind of presence that has made Luna one of the most recognizable faces in the city’s burlesque-revival scene.”— LA WEEKLY, LA PEOPLE 2007

“She is Lucille Ball and Gloria Swanson, Marlene Dietrich and Lupe Velez; the sincerity of Alice In Wonderland and cunning of Betty Boop mixed in one hot Firecracker”— GLUE MAGAZINE

“Selene Luna, burlesque queen and L.A. icon…”— DALE REYNOLDS, FRONTIERS MAGAZINE

“Selene Luna has a big future in show business…”— THE SUN

“Selene Luna, the living embodiment of Betty Boop. She not only has an Epi-Lady look and a Velvet Hammer smile, she has an act.”— LA WEEKLY

“What Selene lacks in height, she sure makes up for in spunk. Call her what you want, but Selene will never be less than fabulous.”—

“…Selene Luna is a Gen X version of Marlene Dietrich. Just a couple inches shy of 4 feet in height, she exudes a feral sensuality. Selene Luna, Bad-ass goddess of the night.”— STEPHEN LEMONS, GETTINGIT

“Selene Luna, treated us to our fucked up world through the eyes of a little person of color.”— UNRATED MAGAZINE